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Password Self Service – Southeast Tech


  1. If a user is unable to log into STInet, they can click the Forgot Password? Link next to the User Name/Password fields at the top of the page, or n ext to the Login button if they enter invalid login information.
  2. If a user has not set up an alternate email and challenge questions, they will need to click the First-Time User Password Reset link to verify their identity before resetting their password and setting up their challenge items.
    1. The user will need to enter 3 identifying pieces of information which are compared against their database record to look for a match.
    2. If all 3 identifying pieces of information match, they are allowed to set a new password
    3. Once a new password is set, they are prompted to set up their challenge questions/answers, without the option to skip or complete later.
  3. If a user has previously set up an alternate email address and challenge questions (prompted upon successful login to STInet, and can be pushed back any number of times if they choose, unless they utilize the First-Time User Password Reset option), they would use the Forgot My Password link.
    1. User is prompted to enter both their STInet username and their alternate email address.
    2. If a match is found, they are prompted to answer the 3 challenge questions on file.
    3. If all 3 questions are answered correctly, the user is allowed to set a new password.


Upon successful login, users are prompted to set an alternate email address and 3 challenge questions/answers. They are allowed to select Later to be prompted at next login, and will continue to be prompted until they set up this information.

If a user wishes to update their alternate email address/challenge questions, or change their password, they can do so by logging into STInet, then clicking on the Personal Info link next to their name (Welcome back, Name under the site header) and then clicking the link for Password Management and continuing to the appropriate location.

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